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When you visit a hotel in Orlando, Florida, you expect to enjoy clean, safe, and sanitary conditions. Unfortunately, some hotels fail to meet this basic standard, exposing guests to biting pests such as bed bugs. When hotels rent out infested rooms, guests can suffer from numerous bites, potentially triggering allergic reactions or other complications. Not only can bed bugs create serious health risks – but they can also infest clothing and other personal belongings, causing costly property damage.

If you or one of your family members was bitten by bed bugs at a hotel in Orlando or the Orlando area, you may be entitled to financial compensation for the resulting medical bills, property damage, and other losses. With years of experience fighting for the victims of hotel bed bug infestations, the Orlando bed bug lawyers of Whitney, LLP are here to help file your claim. To set up a free legal consultation, contact Whitney, LLP online, or call (410) 583-8000 to speak with an attorney today.

Can You Sue a Hotel if You Got Bed Bugs in Orlando?

The short answer to this question is that, depending on the circumstances, a hotel in Orlando may be held liable for bed bug bite injuries and the resulting medical bills. In order to receive compensation for bed bug bites at a hotel in Florida, it is generally necessary to prove that the hotel was negligent, that you suffered injuries, and that your injuries were caused by the hotel’s negligence.

Various parties may be liable for a hotel guest’s bed bug bite injuries, including individual hotel employees (such as cleaning or janitorial staff), property owners or managers, and insurance companies. Our experienced Orlando hotel bed bug lawyers can assess which parties may be liable for your injuries and are prepared to aggressively pursue the maximum compensation available for your losses.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

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Bed bugs are brown, six-legged, oval-shaped insects up to approximately one-quarter of an inch long. When viewed from the side, they have thin, flattened bodies, which expand and become engorged when the bed bug is feeding. Feeding normally occurs at night, while the victims are sleeping, as bed bugs are nocturnal in nature. Blood is their exclusive source of food and may be taken from humans or animals depending on what is readily available.

Depending on their gender, how recently they have fed, and which stage of their life cycle they have reached, bed bugs may appear anywhere from light brown to a dark reddish-mahogany. Bed bugs are commonly confused with ticks, carpet beetles, fleas, and even recently-hatched cockroaches, which are significantly smaller than the adult versions most people are familiar with. However, unlike many other insects, bed bugs are incapable of hopping or flying. With a habitat range that spans the United States, bed bugs can be found in Orlando and throughout the state of Florida.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

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Bed bug bites vary in appearance from individual to individual. Some people are hardly affected, with bites that are barely visible, while others develop itchy, irritated swellings and welts, or even more serious symptoms, as discussed in the following section. Bed bug bites are typically similar in size and appearance to mosquito bites, and tend to develop several days after the individual has been bitten. It is common for bed bug bites to appear in straight lines, though random or scattered bite marks have also been observed. Bites may appear on the back, legs, feet, hands, or any other part of the body left exposed while the victim sleeps.

Bed bugs are nocturnal feeders, meaning they are primarily active at night. They feed exclusively on blood, not only from humans but also pets, livestock, and wild animals.

Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous?

Most people do not experience serious health issues as a result of bed bug bites. However, while serious complications are uncommon, bed bug bites are capable of causing dangerous symptoms to develop. In rare cases, bites can become infected by scratching, leave behind extensive permanent scarring, or even cause anaphylaxis – a life-threatening allergic reaction characterized by rapid facial swelling, respiratory problems, and shock. Warning signs that a bed bug bite may be infected include:

  • Discharge, pus, or other fluids
  • Discoloration around the bite area
  • Excessive swelling
  • Excessive warmth around the bite area
  • Foul odors
  • Pain

If You Got Bed Bugs at a Hotel in Orlando, FL, Our Attorneys Can Help

As a hotel guest, you have a right to safe and sanitary conditions that will not endanger your family’s health. If you, your spouse, or one of your children was bitten by bed bugs while staying in an infested hotel room in Orlando, you may be able to recover compensation by filing a personal injury claim. To learn more about liability for bed bug bites in a free legal consultation, contact Whitney, LLP online, or call today at (410) 583-8000.

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