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Bed Bug Lawyer in Panama City, FL

Being a huge destination hot spot for many tourists and vacation goers, Panama City is one of the largest populous beaches along the Florida coast. Featuring its beautiful white sand and miles of open beach to explore, not many people can resist this vacation dream. That’s not to say that it isn’t still a large area to find bed bugs in either your hotel, apartment, or Airbnb. While Panama City draws people in from all over with its scenic beaches and luxury hotels, knowing what to look out for in your bed can save you possibly thousands of dollars in damage and recovery. The Whitney law firm has recovered over $10 million for our clients in bed bug cases. Here is what our clients have to say about us. Attorney’s fees and case expenses are paid from only from compensation we recover for you.

What Are Bed Bugs?

The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is a nocturnal, parasitic insect belonging to the Cimicidae family. Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood, which may be consumed from any warm-blooded host, including humans, dogs, cats, and birds, depending on what is available in their environment.

These bed bugs, which only range from a few millimeters in length (depending on how much they’ve eaten), have the physical appearance of wingless, brown, and only having six legs. If a bed bug happens to eat enough food, it can sometimes expand to the size of a tick which causes much confusion. The main difference between these two species though is that ticks have 8 legs and no antennae while bed bugs only have 6 legs and do have an antenna.

Bed Bug Infestation Health Risks

There are serious health risks associated with bed bug infestations. Examples of health problems that can be caused by bed bug bites include:

  • Anaphylaxis – Anaphylaxis is a severe, rapid-onset, potentially fatal allergic response that affects a small percentage of people in the United States. Often connected with peanuts or bee stings, anaphylaxis can also be triggered by proteins in bed bug saliva, which enters the host’s body while the insect feeds. Warning signs of an anaphylactic reaction include confusion, weakness, nausea, facial swelling, and difficulty breathing.
  • Skin Infections – Open wounds caused by picking or scratching at bed bug bites can trap bacteria and become infected. Secondary bacterial infections associated with bed bug infestations include lymphangitis, cellulitis, and impetigo.

While the physical issues from bed bugs are something that nearly always happens, it’s important to know that sometimes bed bug incidents can also cause mental health issues as well. Multiple individuals who have had incidents with bed bugs report developing anxiety, insomnia, and depression just to name a few. That’s why it’s extremely important to deal with this kind of situation as soon as possible to avoid the chances of developing more physical or mental health issues.

Filing A Bed Bug Claim in Panama City, FL

If you were bitten by bed bugs in the Panama City area, you may have cause to file a personal injury claim against the parties responsible. This can either be a hotel owner, apartment landlord, Airbnb rental, or any other variation where someone else owned the location you were staying in. Although, the case isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds due to needing sufficient evidence to back up your claim to be fully compensated. The clear cut evidence you would need to prove come down to three basic facts which can be backed up using medical records and any photograph/video of the infested place you were staying in. The three facts to prove are:

  1. You were exposed to a bed bug infestation in your apartment, hotel room, or Airbnb. Landlords, hotels, and similar entities have a “duty of care” toward guests and residents, which means they must provide safe conditions.
  2. You were somehow harmed by the infestation. For instance, you might have been physically injured by the bites, or may have suffered financial losses caused by property damage and replacement.
  3. The infestation was caused by the careless, or negligent, actions (or failures to act) of another individual or business. For instance, the failure to inspect or treat infested areas of a hotel or apartment building is often a key factor.

Panama City, FL Bed Bug Injury Attorneys

At Whitney, LLP, we have a proven track record in the area of bed bug litigation. Our attorneys are well-versed in this nuanced, complex area of personal injury law, enabling us to provide our clients innovative and strategy-driven representation. Our Panama City bed bug lawsuit lawyers understand what it takes to obtain the compensation you deserve. If you think you may have a bed bug claim, call our law offices at (410) 583-8000 for a free legal consultation, or contact us online.

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