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Right in the middle of Pennsylvania and New Jersey lies PA’s biggest city that competes on par with New York. While many people visit here for vacations, the bars, or just regular city life, it’s important to know The bed bug injury claim lawyers at Whitney, LLP have noticed an increase in 2018 in calls from potential clients involving bed bug cases in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is also ranked number 12, down from number 9 in 2017, on Orkin Pest Control’s 2018 Top BedBug Cities published in January 2018. While all cities have bed bug problems, Philadelphia’s inclusion on Orkin 2018 Top BedBug Cities list indicates that both residents of the city, and guests of the city, should be aware of the bed bug legal rights they have if they do encounter bed bugs. Bed bug legal claims in Philadelphia are typically brought against Philadelphia hotels and apartments in Philadelphia and in the surrounding counties, including Delaware County and Chester County.

Whitney, LLP’s attorneys are licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and have recovered compensation for clients who have bed bug claims in and around Philadelphia. Whitney, LLP has recovered millions of dollars for our bed bug clients across the country, and many law firms and lawyers refer bed bug cases to us because of our reputation for filing bed bug lawsuits to maximize compensation for our clients. Some of our bed bug jury verdicts and settlement results are listed here. Legal rights for being subjected to bed bugs include claims for compensation for bodily injury, emotional distress, property damage and economic loss, such as lost wages or a ruined vacation.

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A bed bug infestation in a hotel room is never this obvious, but always check under the pillows and sheets, and look at the mattress corners and pillowtop, before getting under the covers in a hotel room.


A typical Philadelphia hotel bed bug claim that our bed bug attorneys provide representation for involves a guest who stays at a hotel for two to three nights, and after the first or second night begins to notice red, itchy bites on their body.  Often times the guest will wake up scratching, inspect the bed to see what it causing them to itch, and find bed bugs. When this happens, and the guest takes a photograph, or better yet, video, of the bed bugs they find, they now have proof of the infestation and have begun to build evidence to bring a strong claim against the hotel.  Once a guest finds an infestation of bed bugs in their Philadelphia hotel, they usually notify the manager or front desk attendant immediately, and either change their hotel room or vacate immediately. What To Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Room.

However, not all guests find bed bugs in their hotel room before they check out.  We have provided legal representation in many bed bug claims that involve a guest who was bitten at a hotel, checks out, and then begins to develop red, itchy bed bug bites several days later in a typical delayed reaction..  When this situation occurs, the guest should do two things: First, call the hotel and tell the manager that they suspect they were bitten by something, and ask for their room to be inspected, and second, call the Philadelphia Department of Health and Human Services  and request that the hotel room be inspected for bed bugs.  Once evidence of the bed bug infestation in the hotel room is confirmed, whether by photographs or video taken by the guest, or a report by the Health Department, the guest now has the evidence they need to begin to provide their lawyer with to bring a strong bed bug claim.


Philadelphia is home to approximately 200,000 renters.  Many city residents live in rented apartments, and most of the thousands of college students and graduate program at the more than 30 educational institutes located in and around Philadelphia live in rental housing.  A common scenario that the bed bg attorneys at Whitney, LLP often represents clients in is when a landlord rents an apartment that contains a bed bug infestation to an unsuspecting tenant. The tenant, and their family, often begin to notice bites within a week or two and reports the bed bugs to the landlord, who often denies they knew about the infestation and refuses to pay for expensive bed bug treatments.  These “move in” cases are very common and we have experience maximizing compensation for our clients who were deceived into this situation.

Among other apartment bed bugs cases, Whitney, LLP’s bed bug lawyers have provided representation to a Philadelphia college student who moved into an apartment in Philadelphia a few weeks prior to beginning a new year of college.  Within a week he began to be bitten by bed bugs,and reported it to his landlord. After several weeks of delay, a pest control company was hired to inspect the property and confirmed the infestation. Shortly thereafter, our client discovered from other tenants in the building that the bed bug infestation was present before he moved in.  Our client was naturally shocked and upset and the landlord rented the bed bug infested apartment to him, and asked us to demand compensation for his bites, property loss and emotional distress, and to get him out of the lease. Within a few weeks, we were able to accomplish those goals without a lawsuit being filed, and our client was able to move to a bed bug free apartment to live in peace while continuing his college education. While most bed bug claims can be resolved without a lawsuit being filed, sometimes it is necessary to file a bed bug lawsuit if the other party will not act in good faith and refuses to offer adequate compensation for the harm they caused to our client.  Whitney, LLP has filed many bed bug lawsuits against hotels and apartment property managers, and recovered compensation for our clients when the other party refuses to act in good faith.

Chester County and Delaware County  Bed Bug Lawyer for Bed Bug Injury Claims

The majority of apartment bed bug cases that Whitney, LLP has been contacted about in Chester and Delaware Counties involve a tenant moving into a rental unit or apartment and then discovering a pre-existing bed bug infestation.  Other types of apartment or rental unit bed bug cases involve a landlord failing to take action after a tenant informs them of a bed bug infestation. In these situations, as long as the local code makes extermination the responsibility of the landlord or property manager, the landlord is negligent when they do not hire a licensed, professional exterminator to inspect and treat as necessary.  Landlords will sometimes attempt to perform self-treatments using over the counter products, and we have found from handling hundreds of cases that self-treatment by an untrained individual using over the counter products is almost always ineffective.

Chester County is comprised of the boroughs of  Atglen, Avondale, Downingtown, Elverson, Honey Brook, Kennett Square, Malvern, Modena, Oxford, Parkesburg, Phoenixville, South Coatesville, Spring City, West Chester, and West Grove.  Delaware County is comprised of the boroughs of Aldan, Brookhaven, Chester Heights, Clifton Height,s Collingdale, Colwyn, Darby, East Lansdowne, Eddystone, Folcroft, Glenolden, Lansdowne, Marcus Hook, Media, Millbourne, Morton, Norwood, Parkside, Prospect Park, Ridley Park, Rose Valley, Rutledge, Sharon Hill, Swarthmore, Trainer, Upland and Yeadon.


Philadelphia Pennsylvania Bed Bug Attorneys for Claims and Damages

Our bed bug clients do not pay Whitney, LLP any money out of their pocket.  We only recover attorney’s fees and expenses once we recover compensation for our clients.  Our experienced bed bug attorneys have recovered over $7 million for victims of bed bugs in hotels and apartments.  Initial Consultations are free. Use our Quick Contact Form to let us know about your potential case, or call us at 410 583 8000.  

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