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curb and sidewalk by road 300x233 - Slip, Trip and Fall Lawyer Serving Silver Spring, MDSilver Spring, Maryland, is a city with a population of more than 71,000 residents. Visitors can always find interesting places to visit in this town that is close to Takoma, Kemp Mill, Kensington and Langley Park. The National Museum of Health and Medicine and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association Science on a Sphere exhibit are just two of the sites that are worth seeing. Visitors to Silver Spring and the adjacent areas may not notice the numerous uneven sidewalks, wet floors, cracked curbs and other hazards. As a result, they may experience slips, trips and falls that result in an injury. This is why knowing where to find a slip, trip and fall attorney in Silver Spring is essential.

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Negligence Is a Major Cause of Fall Injuries

Whether on private or public property, owners are sometimes negligent in maintaining areas where people are likely to slip, trip or fall. When you visit a property, you have every right to expect that you will be able to navigate it without getting hurt on slippery floors or cracks in the concrete. No one goes somewhere expecting to fall, but did you know that some property owners will accuse you of contributing to your injury? Some will actually try to blame you for falling on their property. One of our slip, trip and fall lawyers can handle your case and fight for you to get justice for your injuries.

Property Owners Are Responsible for Keeping Their Premises Safe for Guests

Property owners in Silver Spring and the surrounding areas should ensure that uneven sidewalks and cracked curbs that can cause people to trip and fall are kept in a safe condition. Those who own property are responsible for inspecting and performing regular maintenance and repair on those areas. When left unrepaired, uneven sidewalks and cracked curbs become dangerous hazards that people do not expect to encounter. Often when someone falls, the result is an injury that can prevent them from moving, working and performing routine tasks because of agonizing pain. If this situation describes you or a family member, Whitney, LLP is ready to help.

Experienced Attorney for Silver Spring, MD, Premises Liability Claims Injury

There may be many things that you can do for yourself, but handling a premises liability claim is probably not one that you should attempt. Maryland law can make it challenging to obtain the compensation you deserve when slippery floors or other types of negligence are the reason for your injury. The property owner will likely try to prevent you from prevailing by insisting that you are to blame.

Maybe you do not know where to turn when you need to seek damages for pain and suffering caused by a negligent property owner in Silver Spring, Takoma, Kemp Mill, Kensington or Langley Park. You might wonder, “Where can I find an attorney near me to help me file a lawsuit?” Look no further than Whitney, LLP.

Legal Help for Slip and Fall Injuries in Silver Spring, MD

There is no reason to wonder “Is there is anyone near me who will take my case?” Whitney, LLP, will help you pursue a claim for damages for your pain and suffering. A property owner who fails to clean up a liquid spill or fix a tripping hazard that can cause serious injury to a resident, visitor or employee needs to be held accountable.

It can be difficult for most people to understand Maryland laws regarding these types of hazards. We know how frustrating it can be when a property owner refuses to admit liability for an injury. You deserve full compensation for your pain and suffering, and we are here to help you. To request a free consultation, call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 or use our online contact form. You will not have to bear any out-of-pocket fees or expenses.

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