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Suitland, Maryland, is a community in Prince George’s County. It is nearby Silver Hill, Coral Hills and Forestville, and it hosts the headquarters of the United States Census Bureau. With easy access to mass transit and major highways, the community also attracts business travelers and tourists who want to visit places like the Airmen Memorial Museum. Many of Suitland’s approximately 25,000 residents live in rented apartments.

While Suitland’s convenience and amenities are appealing, a bed bug infestation can strike any community. Bed bug bites can require ongoing medical attention, and the property costs associated with a hotel or landlord infestation can skyrocket quickly. If you are suffering due to bed bugs in a Suitland apartment or hotel, the attorneys at Whitney, LLP can help you. Our experienced lawyers have secured over $11 million in compensation for plaintiffs in bed bug bite claims. There are no out-of-pocket costs or expenses to pursue your case. To request a free consultation, contact Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 or use our simple online form.

Bed Bug Infestations in Suitland Apartments

According to state law, landlords in Suitland, Silver Hill, Coral Hills and Forestville are only permitted to rent out properties that are free and clear of bed bugs and other hazardous insect infestations. A landlord who is notified of a bed bug infestation must act promptly to exterminate the insects and restore the property to a state fit for human habitation. Unfortunately, some Suitland apartment owners are negligent and careless. They rent out properties despite an infestation and fail to use reliable and professional techniques to exterminate the insects.

The costs to Suitland tenants can be immense. Medical bills will start to escalate from the first bite. Property damage costs often rise into the hundreds or thousands of dollars because bed bugs can be so challenging to exterminate. Suitland tenants could be forced to jettison costly furniture and home decor items like rugs, sofas and mattresses to eliminate the bugs. Negligent Suitland landlords can be held accountable for the damages that they cause, and the Whitney, LLP bed bug lawyers iwill work with victims to pursue bed bug bite claims.

Bed Bug Bites in Suitland Hotels

When people stay at hotels in Suitland, they expect to be able to enjoy a nice evening’s rest. Unfortunately, too many hotel guests wake up in the morning to discover red, itchy bites all over their bodies. A bed bug infestation at a Suitland hotel can quickly become costly. Not only will the affected guests require urgent medical care, but they could also be out thousands of dollars due to the ruined trip. Victims are often forced to abandon their luggage and its contents, including costly clothing and outdoor gear. Otherwise, they could bring the bed bugs back home with them. Hotel owners in Maryland are also legally responsible for ensuring that their premises are clean and free of infestations, so they can be pursued for compensation if their carelessness leads to damages.

Health Effects Caused By Bed Bugs In Suitland Apartments and Hotels

Of course, bites from bed bugs are red, itchy, and often painful. However, bed bugs in Suitland apartments and hotels can also lead to more serious medical issues, some of which require long-term care and ongoing medical bills. Some of these health effects include the following:

Scarring: Bed bug bites can lead to long-term scarring. For some victims, this will require special dermatological treatment to address the damage.
Anaphylaxis: Too many people only discover that they are allergic to bed bugs after they are bitten in a Suitland apartment. These individuals experience hives, swelling and difficulty breathing. Such symptoms could require a trip to the emergency room.
Cellulitis: This serious skin infection develops when bacteria enters the broken skin around bites. Many bed bug victims scratch their bites, even unconsciously. Cellulitis often requires hospitalization and intensive antibiotic treatment.
Psychological symptoms: Some bed bug victims struggle with anxiety and depression for years after an initial hotel or landlord infestation. The costs of mental health care can add up quickly.

Suitland, MD Bed Bug Lawyer for Apartment and Hotel Claims

You should not have to bear the burden of damages caused by a negligent Suitland landlord or hotel owner. If you have been injured by bed bugs in Suitland, contact the experienced bed bug attorneys at Whitney, LLP. Our lawyers can figure out who is liable for your damages and help you get compensated, all with no out-of-pocket fees or expenses. To set up a free consultation, call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 today or use our secure online form.

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