Rockville Hotel Ramada Pays $50,000 Bed Bug Settlement

The Rockville Hotel, A Ramada by Wyndham, in Rockville, Maryland was recently sued in Montgomery County, Maryland Circuit Court over allegations that a guest sustained bed bug bites. Whitney, LLP represented the guest and obtained a $50,000 settlement. The Hotel operator denied liability.

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hotel 300x200 - Rockville Hotel Ramada Pays $50,000 Bed Bug Settlement

The Rockville Hotel Ramada Pays $50,000 Bed Bug Settlement

Bed Bug Bites Sustained on Business Trip

The out-of-town guest had booked his room at the The Rockville Hotel, A Ramada by Wyndham, in Rockville, Maryland for several days while on a business trip. After sleeping in the room, he woke up with itchy bites. His symptoms progressively worsened over the day, but because he lacked medical insurance, he did not see a doctor. Fortunately, his multiple bed bug bite wounds did not get infected, and the over-the-counter medications that he resorted to eventually helped the inflammation and itchiness to subside; and he did not sustain any permanent scarring.

The guest testified at his deposition that he reported bed bugs to the front desk and was moved to another room. He was displeased and upset to see a bug shortly after entering the second room. At that point, not wanting to risk further bites, he spent the remainder of the night in the parking lot, sleepless in his rental car.

The guest further testified to the prolonged discussions it took to obtain a room refund, which did not leave a favorable impression of Ramada hospitality at the Ramada Hotel in Rockville.

Compensation Beyond Room Refund

Any significant compensation beyond the room refund required the guest to hire a lawyer experienced in handling bed bug cases against hotels.

When guests are bitten by bed bugs, many hotels and their insurance adjusters attempt to resolve the case for a small fraction of what the case is worth if handled by an experienced attorney.  Whitney, LLP has experience maximizing compensation recovered for our clients in bed bug litigation.

Whitney, LLP has successfully handled bed bug cases against virtually all of the major hotel brands as well as stand-alone hotels.

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The Value of Bed Bug Litigation Experience

From prior litigation over the past 12 years, Whitney, LLP has developed a knowledge base of the standard of care and best practices for renting rooms free of bed bugs.

The records that we either have in our in-house database, or know to subpoena once suit is filed, often establish the hotel’s prior notice of a bed bug problem, failure to perform visual inspections during room turnover cleaning and failure to hire and heed the advice of a licensed pest control company experienced in bed bug extermination.

Clean Room Standards Must Be Enforced

There should be nothing more important than guest safety. The hospitality industry knows that a clean room free of infestation is a baseline expectation of guests. Unfortunately, until best practices are adopted and enforced, guests will continue to be subjected to the trauma of bed bugs.

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Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Sr. of Whitney, LLP.

Experienced Bed Bug Attorneys – Whitney, LLP

If you believe you were placed in an infested room or bitten by bed bugs at The Rockville Hotel, A Ramada by Wyndham, or experienced bed bug bites at The Rockville Hotel, A Ramada by Wyndham, contact Whitney, LLP’s bed bug attorneys for a free case evaluation.

We have experience representing clients in Ramada bed bug claims and bed bug claims against other hotel chains.

Some of our bed bug settlements and lawsuits are discussed on our bed bug blog and in the news. Our YouTube channel also discuss bed bug legal issues and our settlements.

Whitney, LLP’s bed bug attorneys have extensive experience holding hotels responsible for bed bug infestations.  

We have successfully recovered bed bug settlements in bed bug claims across Maryland, including in and around Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Rockville, Silver Spring, and Cumberland.

Of course, all cases are different and past results do not guarantee future results.




“When others did not want to take my case Whitney, LLP was willing. Dan was very very patient with me and his communication was always on point no matter how he reached out. He helped me and my family start our lives all over, I thank him so much.”

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