Whitney, LLP’s on WBAL for settlements against Morgan Properties

Barry Simms, Investigative Reporter with WBAL, featured two of Whitney, LLP’s clients, and attorney Daniel Whitney, Jr.  on WBAL. The link to the story on WBAL’s website is here.  Both of our clients lived in apartment complexes owned and operated by Morgan Properties.  Whitney, LLP’s lawyers have filed many lawsuits and brought many claims against Morgan Properties on behalf of tenants who claim they were injured as the result of disgusting and dangerous conditions in their apartments, including  bed bugs, mice infestation and cockroach infestation.  The common thread of all of these types of claims is that tenants are subjected to unlivable conditions that the property manager has a responsibility to quickly fix. If this happened to you, we can help.  Call (410) 583-8000, or use out online Quick Contact Form. Consultations are always free, and we charge no out of pocket fees or expenses.

Bed Bugs, Mice and Roaches at Morgan Properties

In these two cases featured on WBAL by Barry Simms, our clients claim that Morgan Properties allowed infestation of bed bugs, mice and/or cockroaches to be present and persist, without proper treatment, for months. One of the cases resolved for $55,000, and the other case resolved for $65,000.  Being forced to live with a bed bug infestation for months is unacceptable, as is being forced to live with mice and roaches as time passes with no recourse. Of course, every case is different and is based on a different set of facts and circumstances, and is no guarantee of a similar result. Click here to see some of our other case results regarding bed bug infestations and other cases we handle for consumers.

WBAL Dan Whitney, Jr Morgan Properties insect infestation settlements

Attorney Daniel Whitney, Jr. on WBAL discussing settlements against Morgan Properties. October 29, 2019.

Free Legal Consultations for Tenants

Tenants in Maryland need to know that when a landlord does not provide safe, clean and insect-free housing, tenants have serious legal rights and can recover serious compensation.  Whitney, LLP has years of experience representing tenants in claims and cases against negligent landlords, and we have recovered millions of dollars in these claims.

Our legal  Consultations are always free, and our clients in claims against property managers and landlords pay no out of pocket fees or expenses.  Attorney’s fees are paid from compensation we recover for you. If you or your family or a friend has been living in an apartment in poor conditions, contact the Whitney law firm. For your free consultation, call (410) 583-8000, or use our online Quick Contact Form.

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