What is the Value of a Hotel Bed Bug Claim?

Hotels have a duty to provide a safe, clean and sanitary room to their guests. When a hotel fails to protect their guests from an infestation of bed bugs, the hotel is liable for the damages suffered by its guests. As awareness of hotel bed bug claims spread, fewer and fewer hotel guests will be taken advantage of by claims adjusters.

I recently spoke with a woman who told me that her husband had been badly bitten by bed bugs at an “upscale” hotel here in Maryland. She described how he had been bitten across his chest, neck and arms, over 100 times. I was horrified when she told me that her husband had settled his bed bug claim with the hotel for a few hundred dollars, which was the cost of medical treatment. She simply did not know that hotels are often liable for damages far beyond the cost of medical treatment. For example, in addition to the cost of medical treatment, we have recovered financial compensation for the following damages:

– pain and suffering for bed bug bites
– property discarded to avoid bringing an infestation home
– emotional distress and anxiety related to sleeplessness and constant fear of bed bugs after being bitten
– long-term and permanent scarring and skin disfigurement
– the cost of ruined vacations and trips
– lost wages from work due to side effects from being bitten by bed bugs
– and more.

Claims adjusters are aware that many people do not know their legal rights, and are unaware that hotels are responsible for all injuries caused by bed bugs. They take advantage of unsuspecting guests and settle claims for pennies on the dollar, never explaining that guests should seek legal representation. We routinely recover substantially more for our clients than they were initially offered, and in certain cases, we have recovered hundreds of times more.  Consultations are always at no charge – do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a potential bed bug claim. Call us now at 410-583-8000, or use our Quick Contact Form.

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