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wheaton md - Wheaton, MD Bed Bug AttorneyBed Bug Attorney Serving Wheaton, MD

Wheaton, Maryland, is an active community and a suburb of Washington, D.C. Located in Montgomery County, it is close to Silver Spring, Aspen Hill, Chevy Chase, and other communities that are home to many professionals and government workers. With a stop on the Red Line of the Washington Metro, Wheaton attracts business travelers as well as tourists visiting the nation’s capital and local attractions like Brookside Gardens and the Wheaton Regional Park. Around 35% of Wheaton residents are renters.

Wheaton is a growing community noted for its convenience to major cities and scenic attractions, but it too can be home to bed bug infestations. Bed bug bites can cause serious financial, physical and psychological harm to their victims whether an infestation is found in inexpensive apartments or high-end hotels.

If you’re suffering because of a Wheaton hotel or apartment bed bug infestation, the experienced Wheaton bed bug attorneys at Whitney LLP have helped victims pursue bed bug bite claims and fight for what they deserve. You will not incur any out-of-pocket fees or expenses. Contact Whitney LLP at (410) 583-8000 to schedule your free consultation.

Bed Bugs in Wheaton Apartments

Landlords are legally obligated to only rent out apartments that are safe, clean and fit for human occupancy, including being free of bed bugs and other infestations. When they fail to do so, the consequences for affected tenants can be severe. Bed bug bites are itchy, red and painful, and tenants may rack up medical bills seeking treatment. In addition, the property damage associated with an infestation can be significant. Tenants may lose expensive furniture and mattresses in the attempt to eradicate the infestation. Some people can even suffer anaphylactic allergic reactions linked to the bites.

In addition, landlords in Silver Spring, Wheaton and across the state have a responsibility to act promptly to exterminate bed bugs if an infestation occurs during the term of the lease. Unfortunately, some try to cut costs by delaying extermination or using cut-rate solutions that fail to eliminate the bugs. Landlords in Aspen Hill and Wheaton who violate the law can be held accountable for the damages suffered as a result of their negligence.

Wheaton Hotels and Bed Bug Infestations

Travelers in Wheaton may have the unpleasant experience of having their plans interrupted by a bed bug infestation. People may settle in at a small B&B or a large, expensive property and wake up in the morning with the telltale red, itchy signs of bites by bed bugs. Under state law, hotel owners must rent out accommodations that are safe and free of bed bugs and other insect infestations.

If a hotel guest is bitten by bed bugs, immediate medical care, and follow-up treatment may be necessary. In addition, travelers may be forced to leave behind luggage and their contents in an attempt to prevent further spreading bed bugs. The damages associated with a hotel infestation can quickly escalate for victims. Hotel owners can be held accountable for the damages caused by their negligence associated with bed bugs at their property.

What Should Someone Do If They Discover Bed Bugs?

Many people only discover bed bugs when they awaken covered in bites. If you are bitten or find bed bugs in your hotel or apartment, document the incident and take action to protect yourself and your property. Take photos and videos of the bugs and your bites as well as the telltale signs of bed bugs like red and black stains on the mattress. You may be able to see bed bugs even during the day clustered into the seams of mattresses and other upholstered furniture. You may want to take a sample of a bug in a sealed plastic bag to confirm that it is indeed a bed bug.

Act fast to report the infestation right away to your landlord or hotel management. It can also be important to put the infestation on record by reporting it to the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services. You should also make sure to obtain prompt medical care if it is needed.

Wheaton, MD, Bed Bug Lawyer for Hotel and Apartment Claims

You should not have to pay the price for the negligence of apartment landlords or hotel owners renting out properties with bed bugs. If you have been harmed due to bed bug bites, the Wheaton bed bug attorneys at Whitney LLP can work on your bed bug bite claims and fight for compensation with no out-of-pocket fees or expenses for you. Call Whitney LLP at (410) 583-8000 or use our simple online form to request a free consultation with one of our lawyers.

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