Why Do People Sue Over Bed Bugs?

October 23, 2014 – Recently the question was posed, “Why do people sue over bed bug claims?”  Often times, there is no choice but to file a lawsuit when faced with an insufficient, “take it or leave it,” offer from a claims adjuster.

Filing a lawsuit is generally our action of last resort. When a client is bitten by bed bugs due to the fault of a company that has a duty to provide a safe and sanitary environment, we make a claim. Once the claim is made, we provide evidence that supports the claim. Evidence usually consists of proof of bed bugs in the room, pictures of the bed bug bites sustained by our client, any medical records for treatment, and sometimes evidence that shows a history of bed bugs at the location, such as posts on TripAdvisor or Yelp. Once we provide that information to the claims adjuster, they will either deny the claim or make an offer. A reasonable offer takes into account the severity of the bites, any lasting scarring or hyperpigmentation, property damage, lost wages, and mental and emotional distress.

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