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If you are searching for a ‘writ of mandamus Maryland lawyer’ or ‘writ of mandamus for car title Maryland’ you may need a lawyer to assist you with the writ of mandamus process.   The law firm of Whitney, LLP in Towson, Maryland has experience filing the necessary legal petitions to obtain a writ of mandamus.  

A writ of mandamus, in simple terms, is a legal tool that can be used to force a government official or agency to fulfill their legal obligations or duties. It is essentially a court-issued command that compels the governmental body to do something they are legally required to do. 

More information is provided about the Maryland writ of mandamus procedure below, with a concentration on a writ of mandamus for vehicle issues involving the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (“MVA”).

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Understanding the Purpose of a Writ of Mandamus

 A writ of mandamus is a court-issued command that directs a government official, agency, or lower court to perform a specific duty or act according to their legal obligations. It is a remedy sought when a person or entity fails to carry out a duty mandated by law.

The primary objective of a writ of mandamus is to ensure that public officials fulfill their legal obligations promptly and appropriately. It serves as a means to prevent or correct abuse of power, uphold the rule of law, and protect individual rights and interests.

A writ of mandamus is often a last resort after other informal efforts to resolve a problem, such as calling the MVA, or dealing with a private party, have failed, and government action is necessary but otherwise unavailable. The Maryland Courts website explains the basics of a mandamus.

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Writ of Mandamus and Vehicle Issues

 A writ of mandamus can be used to correct vehicle issues including title, registration and licensing matters.  If you encounter problems with your vehicle and the government entity responsible for vehicle titling, registration or licensing fails to take the necessary actions, you can hire a writ of mandamus Maryland lawyer to seek a writ of mandamus to demand that they fulfill their responsibilities promptly.

Purchase of a Used Vehicle

A writ of mandamus is often needed in connection with a purchase of a used vehicle when something goes wrong.  Common vehicle issues in Maryland that require a writ of mandamus from the MVA can include:

  1. Delays in processing or approving vehicle registration applications;
  2. Failure to issue proper documentation, such as titles or licenses, within a reasonable timeframe.
  3. Issuing a certificate of title to a new owner because the seller did not provide one to the buyer;
  4. Correcting the VIN on a certificate of title;
  5. Issuing a license to an appropriate person who is qualified; and
  6. Other vehicle issues involving titling, registration and licensing.

The Process of Obtaining a Writ of Mandamus

To obtain a writ of mandamus, an individual or their attorney must file a petition or application with the appropriate court that has jurisdiction over the matter.  In Maryland, the MVA is headquartered in Glen Burnie, Maryland in Anne Arundel County, so many petitions for writs of mandamus are filed in the Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County.

To file a petition for a writ of mandamus and be successful, certain information and supporting documentation must be provided.  Depending on the nature of the claim, necessary and helpful information can include:

   1. Clear identification of the government entity or official involved;

   2. Detailed explanation of the legal duty or obligation that has not been compiled with;

   3. Detailed explanation of the transaction and issue, and what the problem is; and

   4. Supporting evidence and documentation to substantiate the claims.

Evidence and documentation in vehicle claims can include:

  •  the bill of sale, 
  • proof of payment
  • prior title, 
  • new title, 
  • certificate of origin, 
  • Maryland Vehicle Safety Inspection Documentation, 
  • photographs of the vehicle including VIN and/or odometer;
  • inspection reports, and 
  • any other document that would help the Court and government agency at issue understand the position you are taking and agree that the relief you are seeking is necessary and appropriate.

In other words, the more documentation you can provide, and the clearer you can make your case, the better chance you have to obtain the desired result.  Because there are so many scenarios in which a writ of mandamus can be sought, there is not one set way that works best, other than to provide as much helpful information and documentation as possible.

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Writ of Mandamus for Car Title Maryland – Whitney, LLP Case Example

‘Writ of mandamus for car title maryland’ is a popular Google search, which makes sense, because according to the MVA, hundreds of petitions for writs of mandamus are filed against the MVA every year.

Whitney, LLP recently helped our client file a petition for a writ of mandamus from the MVA to resolve a title and VIN issue with a trailer they had purchased.  Although there was no dispute about ownership, over the years, the VIN number was stated incorrectly on past titles.  However, there was no dispute about what the actual VIN was.

In this case, before hiring Whitney, LLP our clients had spent hours on the phone with the MVA and Maryland State Police trying to resolve the VIN problem by having a new certificate of title issued with the correct VIN.  However, because this was not just a case of the MVA issuing the certificate of title with a typo, and the VIN was actually very wrong on the certificate of title, they were unable to get the new certificate of title issued.

Our clients then searched for a writ of mandamus Maryland lawyer and found Whitney, LLP. Once Whitney, LLP was hired, we confirmed with the MVA and Maryland State Police that a writ of mandamus was necessary, and then filed the petition.  Because in this case it was necessary to provide the correct VIN number, we provided all of the available evidence.  

The documents we attached as exhibits to the petition included:

  1. Title from our client’s purchase of the trailer with the wrong VIN;
  2. Bill of sale from their purchase that had the correct VIN;
  3. Maryland Vehicle Safety Inspection Report with incorrect VIN;
  4. The new title issued by the MVA that had the incorrect VIN;
  5. Application for Maryland Certificate of Title with incorrect VIN;
  6. Certificate of origin from the trailer’s manufacturer with the correct VIN;
  7. Photograph of somewhat visible VIN plate of the trailer depicting the VIN plate prior to our client’s purchase;
  8. Photograph of VIN plate showing the correct VIN after our clients paid to have it polished; and
  9. A letter from the trailer’s manufacturer stating the correct VIN on the trailer.

After filing the petition for writ of mandamus in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County , the MVA quickly issued the certificate of title with the correct VIN.

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How a Writ of Mandamus Maryland Lawyer Can Help

An individual can represent themselves pro se and file a petition for writ of mandamus by themself, and many people do that successfully in Maryland.  However, if the issue is complicated, or if the process is too unfamiliar, an experienced writ of mandamus Maryland lawyer can be very helpful.

An experienced attorney, such as the writ of mandamus Maryland lawyers at Whitney, LLP, can provide the following assistance with the sometimes complex Maryland legal system:

  1.  Is a writ of mandamus actually the correct route to take to resolve the dispute?  Depending on the facts and the other parties involved, there may be a different legal action or issue that has to first be resolved or addressed.  For example, if there is a lien on the title, and a new title in their name is what the client wants, that lien may need to be resolved before a court will address a petition for a writ of mandamus.  
  2. There are usually specific requirements related to obtaining writs of mandamus in certain circumstances.  An experienced attorney will have a better opportunity to address these specific issues early on with any  opposing attorney, and/or with the attorney for the government agency (such as the MVA), understand any legal issues and take the necessary action to address those issues as soon as possible.  
  3. Procedural Guidance: Obtaining a writ of mandamus involves adhering to court-specific specific procedural rules and court deadlines. An experienced writ of mandamus lawyer will guide the petitioner (the individual filing the action with the court to solve their problem) through the process, ensuring that all necessary documents are gathered and filed correctly and within the designated timeframes. Procedural errors can jeopardize the success of the petition even if the facts support the petitioner winning.
  4. Case Strategy and Preparation: An experienced writ of mandamus attorney will develop a case strategy tailored to the specific circumstances of the matter. This includes determining and obtaining the necessary documentation to include as exhibits in support of their client’s case, and helping their client get that documentation.
  5. Court Representation: If the government agency does not take the requested action voluntarily on the petition is filed, a case will have to be presented.  While most cases end in a negotiated settlement, some do not.  An experienced attorney will represent their client in the court hearing and respond to any legal challenges or questions from the court or other parties.
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Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Sr. of Whitney, LLP

Whitney, LLP Can Help with a Maryland Writ of Mandamus

If you need help with a legal issue and believe that a writ of mandamus Maryland lawyer is necessary, call us for a free case evaluation.  We have significant experience in dealing with many types of vehicle issues with the MVA, and in handling other legal matters in which legal action is necessary to obtain a desired result.

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