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owings mills evictions  300x185 - Wrongful Eviction Attorney Serving Glen Burnie, MDGlen Burnie is one of the larger suburban areas in Maryland. If Glen Burnie is your home, you have legal rights as a tenant. However, your Glen Burnie, Elkridge or Severna Park landlord may violate those rights.

Eviction is a drastic remedy that your landlord can only take if they follow a detailed set of laws. You have tenant legal rights for eviction. If your Glen Burnie, Catonsville or Pasadena landlord violates those rights, you should get help for wrongful evictions. The attorneys at Whitney LLP can help you file a lawsuit so that you can get both justice and compensation for your landlord’s illegal eviction.

Here are reviews from some of our past clients, and here is a link to an article The Baltimore Sun published on an illegal eviction lawsuit our attorneys recently filed. Whitney, LLP’s wrongful eviction lawyers offer free consultations, and our eviction clients pay no out-of-pocket costs or expenses. Call 410-583-8000, or use our Quick Contact Form, for help with your illegal eviction claims.

Eviction Laws in Glen Burnie, MD

Your Glen Burnie, Catonsville or Severna Park landlord has a detailed set of laws and regulations that they must follow if they want to evict you from your home. The first requirement is that they simply cannot do this on their own. You have a contract with them that guarantees your rights. They must file a complaint with the court to initiate the eviction process, which must then proceed under the order of a court.

Unless the court says otherwise, you have the right to stop the eviction by paying back rent and late fees up until the time that the sheriff shows up to carry out the eviction.

Landlords in Maryland require a court order to proceed with a eviction. Without a court order, the eviction is illegal. If the landlord does not follow these laws, call Whitney, LLP for help with your wrongful evictions and to recover compensation.

Can a Tenant Sue for Wrongful Eviction in Glen Burnie, MD?

Yes. The attorneys at Whitney LLP can help when tenants want to know “Can a tenant sue for illegal eviction?” Maryland law gives you the right to sue for damages for illegal evictions.

Just like Glen Burnie, Pasadena or Elkridge landlords can evict you if they follow the proper process, you can file a lawsuit for wrongful eviction if they do not.

You have the right to participate in the legal process of eviction. You must be served with notice that you have been sued in an eviction lawsuit.

Damages for Wrongful Evictions in Glen Burnie, MD

Compensation for illegal evictions can be significant.

Your compensation for wrongful eviction can include your actual monetary losses that you have suffered as a result of the landlord’s illegal action. This could include the cost of temporary housing and any damages to your property when it was taken out of your home.

Your compensation for illegal eviction may also include emotional distress because being illegally evicted from your home is a traumatic experience.

If the court finds that your landlord committed fraud or if there was other similar shocking behavior, you may even be able to get punitive damages.

Illegal Eviction Attorney Near Me in Glen Burnie, MD

If you were the victim of an illegal eviction and need help, call the lawyers at Whitney LLP today at (410) 583-8000, or contact us with our Online Contact Form, to begin your free initial consultation with no out-of-pocket expenses or fees.

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