Airbnb Hidden Cameras Lawsuit Filed in Rockville, MD

An Airbnb hidden cameras lawsuit was filed by Whitney, LLP against an Airbnb host in Rockville, MD. This blog describes the allegations in the hidden cameras lawsuit filed by Whitney, LLP, including the guests finding hidden cameras disguised as smoke detectors and the police searching the property and finding additional hidden cameras in another Airbnb guests’ room.

Most Airbnb, VRBO and other short-term rental guests never think they will need a hidden cameras lawyers. However, victims of secret recordings have had their privacy violated. As the result, they have many legal rights and can seek to recover significant compensation.

Whitney, LLP’s hidden cameras lawyers represent clients in invasion of privacy claims across Maryland, including Baltimore, Columbia, Cumberland, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Frederick and Ocean City.

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Unsuspecting Guests Arrive at the Airbnb Property 

Our clients, a young engaged couple, arrived at the Property after a drive of over 20 hours from across the United States.  They had booked a two-night stay at an Airbnb property in Rockville, Maryland.  They did not rent the entire property just a bedroom with access to a shared bathroom.

When arriving at the property, they contacted the owner through the Airbnb chat application. The owner provided them with the code to the front door and a code to their bedroom room. The owner’s brother came to the front of the house and showed them to their room and the shared bathroom.

They immediately noticed the property and their bedroom came with specific rules and regulations including a stipulation on towel usage, shower duration, and no smoking, among others. All of these were displayed across various signs and labels in the bedroom and bathroom.

After bringing their luggage in, they took a shower together and were intimate in the bathroom. They then went into their bedroom and laid on the bed to relax after their long trip.

Discovering the Airbnb Hidden Cameras

As our clients settled in and began to watch a movie on their bed, they noticed an odd placement of smoke detectors. One such detector was located above their bed, with a second smoke detector across the room.

One of the clients had experience installing smoke detectors. He felt something was wrong and decided to take a closer look.

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This is one of just hundreds of hidden cameras listed for sale online, making it easy for property owners and managers to spy on unsuspecting guests.

The Hidden Cameras Were Disguised as Smoke Detectors

Upon closer inspection, the so-called smoke detector revealed a disturbing secret: a hidden camera. This realization immediately sparked panic and disbelief.

The shock was severe, and our clients experienced shock as the magnitude of their situation became clear. They then checked the shared bathroom, and realized there were another two smoke detectors in the bathroom.

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Taking the Evidence and Leaving the Property

Still in a state of shock, and realizing that the hidden cameras had captured them being intimate and without clothing, our clients decided to leave. 

Before leaving, they removed one of the hidden cameras in the bedroom, leaving behind the identical one in the bathroom as they could not dismount it.

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What to Do After Finding a Hidden Camera 

If you have found a hidden camera, remember to take steps to preserve evidence of the hidden cameras.

  1. Taking the hidden camera with you after you find it;
  2. Taking a photograph and video of the hidden camera; 
  3. Contacting the local police and reporting the hidden cameras; and
  4. Contact the property owner and/or property manager, depending on the situation.

Preservation of the evidence can include:

After preserving the evidence and contacting law enforcement, contact an experienced hidden cameras attorney to determine what the next steps are to protect yourself. Significant compensation may be available due to your legal rights being violated.

Contacting the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD)

Our clients called the Montgomery County Police Department to report the smoke detector hidden camera.  They were directed to meet with the responding MCDP officers at a local Target parking lot.  The police then went back to the Property and Began to Search. 

Police Discover Additional Hidden Camera

While the police were searching the Property, the situation intensified when another Airbnb renter arrived who was staying in the basement, and yet another hidden camera was discovered in his rented basement.

At first, the owner of the Property allowed the police to search.  However, upon encountering a locked bedroom door, the owner did not allow entry at first.  Eventually, permission was granted.  Upon finding a safe in the room, permission was denied to search the safe.

Search Warrant and Additional Hidden Cameras

That same evening, the police obtained a search warrant to conduct a more thorough search. Multiple hidden cameras were discovered in the safe, including those removed from the bathroom.

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Our clients went online and found the identical smoke detector hidden camera listed for sale as they had found in their Airbnb bathroom and bedroom.

Internet Search for Smoke Detector Hidden Camera 

Later, our clients conducted an internet search, identifying the same model of hidden camera smoke detector that had been installed in their Airbnb room, revealing that it had WiFi capabilities.

Like any victim of a hidden camera, our clients now worry that their intimate moments had been recorded and shared online or with others.

Our clients then realized that they needed legal assistance, and searched for hidden cameras lawyers before finding Whitney, LLP to help file a hidden cameras lawsuit. 

Airbnb Hidden Cameras Lawsuit

Whitney, LLP’s Airbnb hidden cameras lawyers have filed a lawsuit against the Airbnb host where the hidden cameras were discovered:  Causes of action include 

  1. Violation of Maryland’s Consumer Protection Act for failing to disclose the hidden cameras in the Property, shared bathroom and bedroom;
  2. Negligence for failing to provide a safe rental property free of hidden cameras; and
  3. Invasion of Privacy for placing hidden cameras in private areas making our clients subject to being recorded without consent and while in private. 
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Victims of hidden cameras may be entitled to collect significant compensation as the result of their privacy being violated.  

Invasion of privacy and other claims can be brought in a hidden camera lawsuit against those responsible for the host property, whether it is a hotel, Airbnb, VRBO, or other rental, or simply the owner of a home where a guest is invited to spend the night.

The hidden cameras lawyers at Whitney, LLP have experience representing individuals whose privacy has been invaded. 

We have experience filing hidden camera lawsuits, recovering compensation and holding responsible individuals and companies who violate our clients’ rights. 

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Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Sr. of Whitney, LLP

Airbnb Hidden Cameras Lawyers –  Whitney, LLP

If your privacy has been violated by hidden cameras, or if you found a hidden camera, contact Whitney, LLP.

Compensation may be available for economic loss, embarrassment, humiliation, loss of dignity, sleeplessness, anxiety, PTSD and other consequences of finding your trust has been violated and you have been secretly recorded.

We offer Free Case Evaluations for victims of hidden cameras.

For additional related information, read our blogs on Airbnb and VRBO Safety Concerns and Invasion of Privacy.

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