Are Public Transportation Companies Liable for Accidents?

If you were hurt while riding a bus or train operated by the Maryland Transit Administration, or if you were hit by an MTA bus while riding your bike or walking in Baltimore, you may be able to get compensated for your medical bills and other expenses. In this...

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What Happens if You Crash a Rental Car?

It’s every driver’s worst nightmare. After arriving at your vacation destination, you’re happily cruising back to the hotel in your rental car – when all of a sudden, you slam into another vehicle. Fortunately, no one was killed in the...

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Is it Legal to Text and Drive in Maryland?

Cell phones and smartphones have changed our society dramatically. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been for the better. With nine in 10 adults now strapped to mobile devices 24/7, Baltimore car accidents caused by distracted driving have become more commonplace...

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“Daniel was excellent! He went above and beyond to help us with what we needed. He was very accessible to us at any time. With us being in VA and being represented out of MD, he was very patient with our timeline and personal schedules. I appreciate all of his hard work and dedication throughout the entire process and would highly recommend him!”

– Client in Virginia

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Lawyer for Wrongful Evictions in Maryland

Lawyer for Wrongful Evictions in Maryland

If you have been wrongfully or illegally evicted, we can help. Whitney, LLP's tenant  lawyers have experience representing tenants who are victimized by bad landlords.  A landlord that performs an illegal eviction is heartless, and can be held accountable through the...

How Do I Sue a Car Dealership – Consumer Legal Rights

How Do I Sue a Car Dealership – Consumer Legal Rights

Once a car buyer decides they want to pursue action against the dishonest  new or used car dealership they purchased the car from, they have to decide which path to take to exercise their legal rights.  Many people try to resolve the matter themselves, sending letters...


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